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Canadian Blood Services - Eau Claire

Completed April 01, 2017

Canadian Blood Services Clinic and Training Centre completed April 2017

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Completed September 30, 2016

New Muslim Mosque constructed in Northeast Calgary

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Country Hills Crematorium

Completed September 30, 2016

Funeral, memorial and cremation services

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Completed August 31, 2016

Specializing in the installation , maintenance and management of encrytped communication networks.

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Trolley 5

Completed July 31, 2016

Restaurant and brewerey on 17th Ave. SW

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ITS Tundra

Completed May 31, 2016

This Company provides solutions for thermal heavy oil porcessing facilities

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CP Alyth Yard

Completed June 30, 2016

Administrative buildings in the Alyth Yards

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Gates of Nolan Hill

Completed September 01, 2015

Gates of Nolan Hill is a Northwest Calgary retail centre inspired by prairie architecture.

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Italian Centre Shop

Completed June 30, 2015

This Italian supermarket and cafe opened Summer 2015.  Located in Calgary's southeast on the corner of Fairmount Dr & Southland Dr.

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Microsoft, Chinook Centre

Completed August 31, 2014

The Chinook store is the third in Alberta for Microsoft. A full curated assortment of Microsoft products and a range of tehcnical training are provided in this 4,100 square foot space.

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Bow Cycle

Completed February 28, 2013

O'Dell Electric Ltd. was happy to be part of yet another expansion of a very successful, locally owned and operated company, Bow Cycle.

This was a ground up project which was in the construction phase for almost a year. The result was a state-of-the-art showroom and sales location which allows Bow Cycle to display their many products.

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Hedkandi Hair Salon

Completed November 30, 2013

A trendy upscale Salon in downtown Calgary

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H&M Chinook Centre

Completed November 30, 2013

H&M opened its 5th Calgary location in Chinook Centre fall of 2013.  This store is 20,000 square-feet over 2 floors and carries ladies, men's, teens and kids collections.

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Tiffany, Chinook Centre

Completed August 31, 2011

There is a particular combination of exhilaration and comfort that comes when a luxury retailer opens its doors in Calgary. It is even more pronounced when it is a company that dates back to 1837. Tiffany & Co.'s Chinook Centre store is the fourth store in Canada and it is a  4,100-square-feet space of glimmering  display cases. The store's exterior display has a single engagement ring in the famous Tiffany setting.  Inside, grey walls, a wheat leaf pattern carved into stone and deco-inspired stainless steel doors mimic the details of Tiffany's Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York.  And, the art on the walls is a combination of black and white photos capturing classic Tiffany images interspersed with landscape photos of snow and glaciers chosen specifically to reference the Calgary store's location close to the mountains.


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